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Confidence in sport is built on trust—a trust in proven ability earned through hard work. Using a combination of fibers, Spike Zone synthetic turf systems by Shaw Sports Turf are designed with that same confidence in mind, backed with the science and testing to prove it. The tall fibers support the requirements for the ball and athlete to perform well, while the thatch layer adds another level of consistency for each step. How? Thatch supplies a matrix of protection that minimizes infill movement. The result is a field that appears lush, plays well, and lasts.

Each Spike Zone option is one of our proven Shaw Sports Systems combined with a valuable thatch layer.

Shaw Sports Turf has the ability to combine slit film, monofilament fibers, and thatch fibers through one needle, meaning each row has the same combination of fibers. This means that there is no streaking on the field and the finished product has a great aesthetic. This combination of fibers allows Shaw Sports Turf to create a surface that plays and performs more consistently than any other manufacturer making a hybrid product.

Shaw Sports Turf is the only company in the industry that has the manufacturing capability to make a hybrid field using three different fibers in one needle. Additionally, Shaw has a patent on the process, meaning no one else can make turf this way.

Marian University

Marple Newtown High School

Stillwater High School


  • Sand/rubber infill creates a fast, dense and firm surface
  • Combination of HP+ monofilament fiber, which provides aesthetics and a better ball roll, and high performance slit film fiber, which is very durable, giving you the best of both worlds
  • Spike Zone thatch layer helps reduce infill fly-out
  • Seams are sewn edge-to-edge to eliminate bumps
  • No post-fibrillation (fiber breakdown)
  • Maximum cleat-infill interaction
  • Ultraloc® backing provides dimensional stability and improved tuft bind

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