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Shaw Sports Turf’s Field Direct Purchasing Program is the easiest way to get your field on time and on budget with less hassle.

The Field Direct Purchasing Program includes multiple cooperative purchasing partners allowing customers to purchase Shaw Sports Turf through awarded contracts that have been publicly solicited and competitively bid.


How Does The Field Direct Purchasing Program Work?

A cooperative purchasing program allows a group of buyers with a common interest to pool their buying power in order to negotiate more favorable pricing on goods and services.

The participating cooperatives evaluate and award contracts for recommended products and services for competitive bidding. All awarded items are posted on your local purchasing co-op website so that members can search for and select items to order. Competitively bidding a project on your own is lengthy and complicated, Field Direct offers a support system that allows you to complete the process in 1/3 of the time.

Why Choose the Field Direct Cooperative Purchasing Program?

Through this program Shaw Sports Turf is able to bring the savings directly to you. Because vendors like us are bidding to provide services to many agencies instead of just one, we are able to offer steeper discounts.

Convenient – significant staff resource time and expense saved

Flexible – contracts are designed to meet the demands and needs of organizations of all sizes

Transparent- terms and pricing upfront, no hidden costs or requirements

Compliant – cooperative contracts are designed to meet statutory, policy and administrative requirements

Through using the Field Direct Purchasing Program you are able to avoid a situation caused by choosing a less reputable service/company in a “low bid” procurement process. The “lowest bid” does not always equate to the “best bid.”

As an awarded vendor, Shaw Sports Turf has competitively bid and received several contracts from multiple cooperative purchasing organizations.

Huddle Up with Purchasing Partners Through Shaw Sports Turf’s Cooperative Program to Get your Field in the Ground Easier.

“Purchasing through Field Direct allowed us to purchase the fields at a significant savings of approximately 25 percent, and saved time to spec and bid the product. We had better control over the product as well. It saved us from cutting an entire field out of our project due to cost,”
Mary-Jeanne Hutchison, Director of O’Fallon Parks and Recreation.

“I was impressed with the Shaw Sports Turf team, in showing us the different types of Shaw Sports Turf, as well as the quality when I compared it to other products. It just was a no brainer,” said Hutchison. “The ability to purchase this product through Field Direct most likely saved us well over $800,000 with the turnkey purchase and certified installers.”
Mary-Jeanne Hutchison, Director of O’Fallon Parks and Recreation.

Marple Newton High School

  • Location:
    Newtown Square, PA
  • Product: Spike Zone Pro
  • Sq. Feet: 76,890

O'Fallon Family Sports Park

  • Location:
    O'Fallon, IL
  • Product: Legion Pro
  • Sq. Feet: 99,285

University of Missouri

  • Location:
    Columbia, MO
  • Product: Legion Pro
  • Sq. Feet: 63,558

William Paterson University
Wightman Stadium

  • Location:
    Wayne, NJ
  • Product: Legion Pro
  • Sq. Feet: 92,901

Find a Dealer

As seen in the map below, you can find a Shaw Sports Turf dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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