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Choosing a synthetic turf system for sports use is a serious undertaking. Too many companies recommend systems regardless of the end use.

We don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to synthetic turf. Our goal is to work with you as a trusted advisor to assess your needs and determine the best system for you.

Part of that process involves understanding the different fiber components in a synthetic turf system and what they are designed for.

Essentially, there are three distinct fiber types in a synthetic turf system:

Slit Film

The fiber that has been used the longest in infilled systems and has proven to be the most durable is slit film. Also known as fibrillated or monotape, it is a single tape made and then cut into slits from top to bottom to divide it into several tapes. It has an interlaced structure, where each of the fibers look much like a honeycomb. Slit film is very durable, and its structure reduces infill flyout. While our slit film fiber is great for many applications, it performs especially well for sports that require more toughness and strength, including football fields, baseball/softball infields and in multi-use facilities. Shaw Sports Turf’s slit film systems are called Momentum.


Available in our Momentum HP systems, the Strenexe fiber is a work horse
that provides just the right balance of durability and performance.



Strenexe XD

The Strenexe XD fiber is available in the Momentum Pro system. This fiber
has a superior slit film construction and has duotone color for tremendous
versatility. It creates a long-lasting and consistent playing surface.



The next type of fiber used is a monofilament. It is a single strand of synthetic fiber bundled together to achieve a more grass-like appearance. A monofilament fiber results in a more controlled ball roll. Monofilament also has less glare than a slit film resulting in a more natural aesthetic. While our monofilament fiber is an excellent option for numerous applications, it performs especially well for sports where ball-to-surface interaction is a key factor, including soccer fields and baseball/softball outfields.

Diamond Monofilament 

The diamond shape monofilament fiber is designed with performance
characteristics in mind. It is the go-to fiber for many of the Shaw
Sports Turf systems and sets the standard for ball-surface interaction.
This fiber is designed to play and look more like natural grass.


Bolt Monofilament 

The Bolt fiber, offered on premium turf systems, has a patented
lightning bolt shape. This innovative shape gives it a stronger vertical
axis for less breakdown and wear. The unique curved angles
disperse light for a lower luster making a bolt field one of the most
natural looking fields available.

Shaw’s monofilament systems are known as PowerBlade. The next system utilizing these fibers is Legion, which combines slit film and monofilament fibers to create a hybrid system.

Thatch Fibers 

Finally, some Shaw Sports Turf systems use a layer using thatch fibers. Thatch is a textured yarn that is situated below the face yarn to enhance grass-pile recovery. It is added to systems to create a matrix of protection that minimizes infill movement and reduces migration to other areas of the field. This provides an extra layer of protection against inconsistent and unsafe playing surfaces. 

Systems utilizing the thatch fibers are known as Spike Zone.

Find out which system is right for you.

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