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Mission and Values

Vision: Creating a Better Future:  For Our Customers, For Our People, For Our Company & For Our Communities.
Mission: Great People, Great Products, Great Service, Always.
Values: Honesty, Integrity, Passion

Shaw Turf is a complete turnkey surfacing division of Shaw Industries, it's comprised of four brands that excel in providing synthetic solutions for commercial, residential landscaping, pet facilities, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, and landfill applications.

Shaw Sports Turf is a leader among synthetic turf companies and is the largest American-owned and operated synthetic turf company in the world. Shaw Sports Turf has demonstrated industry leadership in both quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 3,500 successful installations, and an impressive list of high-profile installations, including the Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and many others. Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Sports Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs.

Southwest Greens has been an integral force in the synthetic turf market since 1996. Acquired by Shaw in 2011, Southwest Greens has a system of 75 franchises worldwide. Exceptional craftsmanship and construction details are the hallmark of over two decades in business and nearly 50,000 projects. Rooted in the golf industry, Southwest Greens is also a leader in the markets for commercial and residential turf. Southwest Greens boasts endorsements from a number of golf legends, including the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. Southwest Greens also has private clients such as Celine Dion, the Property Brothers, Justin Timberlake, and Jay Z.

Shawgrass is our line of artificial landscape products for residential and commercial sales. Shawgrass offers several styles and grades to accommodate a variety of budgets and applications. Synthetic turf is an increasingly attractive option for customers who wish to save money on maintenance, fertilizing, and watering. Synthetic turf provides a perpetual aesthetic quality due to being green year-round, no matter the location. Shawgrass offers solutions for yards, commercial landscape areas, pet areas, rooftops, recreation areas, common areas, and more.

Watershed Geosynthetics is an Alpharetta, GA based geosynthetics company specializing in engineered products that solve earth’s greatest challenges with solutions that reduce risks, require virtually no maintenance and stand the test of time. Through best-in-class materials and extreme engineering, Watershed Geo’s goal is to unearth solutions that eliminate plaguing industry issues while delivering more aesthetically-pleasing and effective results. The people at Watershed Geo believe in thinking differently and challenging the traditional geosynthetic solutions. Innovation is the cornerstone of the business and is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

Watershed Geo services markets in both the Environmental and Civil sectors which include applications in/on but are not limited to:
  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  • Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Coal Ash
  • Landfills & Impoundments
  • Coal Ash Landfills
  • Coal Ash Wet & Dry Impoundments
  • CCR (Coal Combustion Residual) Waste
  • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Landfills
  • Industrial Landfills
  • Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Landfills
  • Paper Mill Sludge Waste Landfills
  • Pulp Sludge Waste Landfills
  • Mining Debris
  • Mining Solid Waste
  • Foundry Sand Solid Waste
  • Industrial Solid Waste
  • Manufacturing Solid Waste
  • Non-Hazardous Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Renewable Energy – Solar Arrays
  • Landfill Gas Containment
  • Levees, Golf Courses
  • Reservoirs
  • Shoreline & Lake Banks
  • Canals
  • Dams
  • Drainage Channels
  • Retaining Walls

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As seen in the map below, you can find a Shaw Sports Turf dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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