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Unlike natural grass, Shaw Sports Turf needs no water and no costly fertilizers or pesticides. It can save millions of gallons of water every year. And because the infill is composed of rubber, millions of tires each year are kept out of landfills. Best of all, at the end of a sport field’s useful life, all components can be repurposed into other applications.


When doing replacement projects on sports fields, the old field is normally taken up and disposed in a nearby landfill. This can range anywhere from 525,000 pounds to 880,000 pounds of turf and infill dumped into a site. Now, Shaw can offer a better alternative through its nationwide turf collection network that channels used turf through various avenues of repurposing and reuse in communities across the country including beautification projects, landscaping, pet turf and batting cages.

Repurposing Shaw Sports Turf for Use in Other Applications

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