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Movement is at the core of all things sport: the athletes, the ball, and all the interactions in between. Shaw Sports Turf’s Momentum fiber system has what it takes to keep all the action on the field at full speed. Using slit film technology, its interlaced structure holds down infill and reduces fly-out while maintaining a sturdy, steady, and reliable playing surface for athletes to consistently play in peak conditions. In fact, slit film technology was the fiber basis for infilled systems from the beginning and is still chosen for its durability and performance characteristics.

Momentum is available in different configurations, each with its own distinct benefits to keep players on the move all season, every season.

Georgetown University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Momentum Pro

  • Utilizes the premium Strenexe XD fibers for superior construction
  • Duotone color versatility for aesthetics
  • Face weight optimized to provide the right mix of durability and performance


  • Strenexe slit film fibers for the right system construction
  • Flexible fiber options to build a system to meet your field's needs 

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