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Dual fiber synthetic turf system

VictoryTurf is a dual fiber synthetic turf system designed to provide balanced performance for multiple sports.

VictoryTurf has short nylon fibers that create a barrier which provides cushioning for the athlete and support for the taller polyethylene fibers. The taller fibers give the surface its softness and grass-like appearance. This system can also be installed without infill.

Indoors or outdoors, VictoryTurf creates optimum performance for lacrosse, soccer and baseball.


  • Low pile-height provides excellent playing characteristics for football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and field hockey
  • Can be installed with or without infill
  • Excellent results during vertical deformation testing signifying lower levels of muscle fatigue in athletes
  • Thatch layer reduces infill fly-out

When selecting a system with extreme durability, yet does not have an abrasive feel, Shaw Sports Turf’s VictoryTurf system is a premium choice.

Our VictoryTurf product is similar to our Elevate system products that provide excellent performance characteristics and will hold up to the wear of a facility that is in constant use. The major difference is that VictoryTurf has the necessary drainage openings to be used in outdoor applications.

VictoryTurf has a durable nylon construction. Nylon is stronger than most fiber types. The quality of nylon is also important. Wear testing indicates that Shaw Sports Turf’s nylon products can outlast those of competitors and maintain integrity even with heavy traffic.

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