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The Strongest Backing in the Industry.
UltraLoc multi-layer backing, from Shaw Sports Turf, is the strongest synthetic turf backing in the industry. The backing of your synthetic turf field is the superstructure of the entire system. It provides the key support structure for your system and is important to the durability and performance of your field.

UltraLoc is comprised of both a primary and secondary backing designed to withstand forces endured through the manufacturing and installation process, and the lifecycle of the field. UltraLoc helps prevent movement of the turf. It also helps hold fibers in place to maintain the integrity of the turf over the lifespan of the field.

Consider this:

Shaw is the only turf supplier vertically integrated with a backing production facility. The backing operation has operated continuously since 1967. The facility, located in Chickamauga, Georgia, has over 32 acres under roof and is home to over 1,100 associates dedicated to backing production for Shaw.

Due to our integration, Shaw is able to design backings for specific uses, such as sports and athletic applications. The yarns are produced on machines specifically for use on looms dedicated for turf backings. Our associates are focused on producing high quality turf backing, and are well-versed in the quality requirements for turf applications. Our turf backings utilize a factory within a factory mentality. Our people and machines are dedicated to the turf industry.


The combination of multiple woven primary backings, with a continuous unitary polyurethane secondary backing, results in a backing fabric that resists extension in all directions and is dimensionally stable.

The increased denier size of our primary backing yarns makes the system stronger and more robust. The thickness of the tapes used to make our primary backing for UltraLoc have increased 24% over the original version of UltraLoc.


The uniform resistance to movement of the UltraLoc multi-layer system requires less infill weight to keep the turf in place. The turf infill can then be tailored to meet the performance needs of the customer rather than meeting a minimum weight to stabilize the turf fabric.



UltraLoc primary backings contain additional proprietary UV stabilizers for an extra degree of protection. This package optimizes strength, performance, UV protection, and thermal stability. This UV package far exceeds and enhances the protection provided by carbon black systems used by competitors. What makes us different is that our backing systems get the same attention to UV stabilization that turf face yarns get.


UltraLoc’s secondary backing is formulated with an improved polyurethane specifically designed for Shaw primary backing and fiber systems, which allows for better penetration and bonding. This specialized chemistry strengthens the grip on fibers so they stay in place. UltraLoc has one of the highest tuft bind guarantees in the industry at 10 lb-F (min. avg.) and is well above the published industry average.

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