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Outplay the competition on the field and with the field.

Once again, Shaw Sports Turf strives to bring you more than a field by leading the industry in innovation. Our revolutionary GAME ON innovation allows for enhanced design capabilities and increased performance. GAME ON’s proprietary technology offers a new approach where logos, lines, and numbers are tufted together in one run, limiting the number of seams in your field. Let your creativity lead the way as you design your field to elevate your brand and outplay the competition on the field and with the field, GAME ON!

Revolutionizing the turf industry with new design capabilities.

Take your field and your team to the next level with GAME ON technology. We now have the ability to enhance your entire field with logos, graphics and messaging. From fields of play to endzones to D-zones, we can tuft in your brand and create an
awesome home-field advantage for you.

Tufted in technology for increased performance. 

Non inlayed hash marks, lines and numbers means less work for the maintenance crew over time, less worry about maintenance issues and an increased element of safety for the player.


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As seen in the map below, you can find a Shaw Sports Turf dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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