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BY Todd Britton



ST. LOUIS, Missouri - St. John Vianney High School has just completed installation of a new synthetic turf playing surface from Shaw Sports Turf.

The new field was installed in conjunction with the addition of a new track, seating updates, a fan plaza, and a new entrance.

“We believe it’s only natural that our stadium should reflect our commitment to our co-curricular programs,” said Dr. Tim Dilg, Principal at the school.

The school, which opened in 1960, still used the same grass field and stadium complex.  Officials and school boosters believed that, much like “dressing for success,” the new surface would help provide a boost to the school.

“The St. Louis area has nearly 30 private schools,” said Mike Loyet, President.  “This is a key factor for us in being competitive and offering students a first-class educational experience.”

Over the past several years, the school has spent nearly $7 million on academic projects such as a new media center, classrooms, a college guidance center, and administrative offices.  A group of alumni approached the school, offering to work to help provide the resources to update the athletic facilities, as well.  The result has been a groundswell of support for the stadium renovation project, which includes the new Shaw Sports Turf field.

“The field is a focal point for our school,” said Head Football Coach Paul Day.  “We can offer more programmable hours for our students and commit our resources toward coaching our teams.  The Shaw Sports Turf field sets the standard for our goals and expectations for our co-curricular teams.”

According to Athletic Director Terry Cochran, the new field will be used for football, soccer, lacrosse, ultimate, PE, and band, as well as other activities.

“Not only does the Shaw Sports Turf field add a safety component for our athletes, the dual fiber component of the Legion system is designed to provide maximum performance for multiple sports which have their own unique requirements,” said Head Soccer Coach Dave Guavain.  The Griffins’ soccer program has laid claim to eight state championship titles.

Shaw Sports Turf’s Legion system is a combination of high-performance monofilament fibers and a durable slit film fiber.  The slit film fiber is a workhorse which will handle the workload, while the monofilament provides a more resilient surface that enhances performance characteristics.  The Legion system is also used on the game and practice fields at Vanderbilt University.

The 113,264 square-foot field was manufactured during over the period of two weeks at Shaw’s facilities in Calhoun and Dalton, Georgia.  There are over 36,000 pounds of fiber in the field.  Installation required 8,856 feet of seaming tape and 570 gallons of adhesive.  The infill is made up of 305,600 pounds of rubber and 205,400 pounds of sand.

“The new Shaw Sports Turf field at St. John Vianney High School will enable the school to achieve more with their athletic programs,” said Nathan Henderson, Territory Manager with Shaw Sports Turf.  “We’re proud that they selected our product to enhance the school’s facilities and provide the best playing experience for the Griffins.”

The Griffins will open their home football schedule on August 29, versus Jackson.

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