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BY Jennifer Muse



Putney, Vermont - In the fall of 2017, as part of a $1.5-million capital campaign, Landmark College installed a state-of-the-art 82,000 square-foot synthetic turf field featuring Shaw’s environmentally-friendly infill product, GeoFill. While the moisture retention of the product was a major selling point for the college, few could predict the almost record-breaking winter that would put the turf field to the test.

The late-winter storms that hit the area provided a first good test of the water-absorbent quality of the turf installed on Charles Drake Field. Between March 14th and March 25th (less than two weeks’ time), almost a half-foot of snow melted, leaving the surface dry enough for a local high school field hockey team to play a scrimmage game. This would not have been possible on a natural grass turf field.

Increased playability was a major reason the school chose a synthetic turf field. “Landmark College opted for synthetic turf to extend playability later into the fall and earlier in the spring,” said Kyle Skrocki, Director of Facilities at Landmark College. “The new turf has enabled teams to have more practice time outdoors and created more opportunities for extracurricular activities.”

The choice to go with Shaw Sports Turf was rooted in price and a superior, more environmentally-friendly product. “ “The GeoFill turf was advertised as having superior moisture-absorbency, making it a good fit for snow and rain we experience in the northeast. The natural, environmentally friendly-infill material also aligns with the College’s values.”

The installation of Drake Field, a project that also included a field house with locker rooms, restrooms and a concession area, has allowed the school to offer an environmentally-friendly playing surface for its athletes and community to be enjoyed almost year-round.

Drake Field features Shaw’s Legion System with GeoFill. Shaw’s Legion turf system is the leading natural infill in the synthetic turf industry.Made from completely natural materials that are environmentally friendly, GeoFill is comprised mainly of coconut husks and fibers, which are a rapidly-renewable resource.

It provides the natural footing and support of a natural field without the mess of dirt and instability of other infill systems.  It excels in critical ball-to-surface interactions such as ball roll and ball bounce.  It is not only a great, natural infill system, it helps create a high-performing, state-of-the-art playing surface.

An added benefit of GeoFill is that it is inherently cooler than other synthetic playing surfaces.   GeoFill fields have been seen to be as much as 40 degrees cooler than other synthetic fields. 

Construction of the field was completed in August of 2017, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in September. The field is named after the college’s founder, Charles Drake, and was made possible by numerous Landmark College supporters.

Skrocki looks forward to “a more complete college athletic experience” that the field and its modern amenities will allow. “It also frees up the quad area, where these events previously took pace, to be used for more traditional college activities,” said Skrocki.

Additionally, the new turf field has opened up opportunities for the surrounding community. “We are also making the field available to area schools and groups, which has provided an income opportunity through rentals as well as greater marketing exposure for the College,” said Skrocki.

With an innovative, environmentally-friendly product, Shaw has proven that actions speak louder than words. Being game-ready from the start of soccer season in the fall through lacrosse games into late spring has meant increased playability for the school and its community.

“Our Legion dual fiber product and the GeoFill infill results in a high-performing, 'natural feel' playing surface. The GeoFill infill is capable of reducing the surface temperature by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is rewarding to learn that the Landmark College community is realizing the benefits of this great system," said Territory Manager Joe Kacevich.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Shaw Industries is a full flooring provider to the residential and commercial markets. Shaw supplies carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, and tile/ stone flooring products, as well as synthetic turf.  Shaw Sports Turf is one of the leading synthetic turf companies in North America and has represented quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 3,000 successful installations, including an impressive list of high-profile field installations. For more information please visit, call 866-703-4004 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin


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