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Butler University - West
Campus Athletics Complex

The Butler Bulldogs of Butler University are located in Indianapolis, IN. The Bulldogs participate in 19 NCAA Division I intercollegiate sports and are members of the Big East Conference. Butler was formerly known as the Christians but after a tough losing streak in 1919 the fans became weary of the name. As Butler officials searched for a way to fire up the fans before their big rivalry game, “Shimmy” a bulldog owned by one of the fraternities, wandered into their office. This inspired cartoonist George Dickson to draw a bulldog named “Butler” taking a bite out of John the Baptist. While butler lost the big game, their nickname stuck and was eventually selected as their official mascot.

Butler Univeristy


  • Location:
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Product: PowerBlade
  • Sq. Feet: 94,931
  • Year: 2016

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