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PowerBlade Elite is made with our advanced, patented Bolt monofilament fiber and is the next generation in engineered performance. Designed around performance criteria that measures both athlete-surface and ball-surface interactions delivering a quality turf system with the best combination of durability, playability and safety. PowerBlade Elite is an engineered system specifically built to meet the stringent laboratory and field tests of FIFA. The FIFA Quality Concept ensures that your Shaw Sports Turf field delivers the maximum level of performance and quality to your athletes.


PowerBlade Elite sand and rubber or sand and Geofill systems are installed in a layered formulation specifically developed for the needs of soccer. The layer of sand on the bottom acts like a penetration barrier and sports the penetration of the foot into the surface. A mixed infill allows more penetration of the foot and will make the athlete feel less stable when running or turning on the surface. This is measured through a performance test called vertical deformation. A one or two millimeter difference in vertical deformation can mean the difference between passing or failing the test to qualify for FIFA Recommended Field.


Shock pads provide additional safety and performance benefits, including shock attenuation which can help prevent injuries from tackles, trips and falls throughout the season. Shock pads are highly elastic and provide great shock absorption. The system deforms very little at the point of impact but effectively spreads the impact over a larger area, creating a stable platform for the athlete - balancing performance and safety without sacrificing one for the other. A proper pad system will yield a g-max level lower than 100 (safety) yet have vertical deformation (foot stability) and force reduction (lower extremity protection) values in range of high quality grass.

Other benefits include:
-Shorter pile height (less fiber material required)
-Can be used over traditional drainage bases
-Easy to install Makes turf replacement easier as it shouldn’t disturb the base underneath
-Can be used for 2 to 3 life-cycles



  • Mass per unit area and tufts per unit area
  • Turf withdrawal force
    • Measures how strongly the fibers are anchored into the backing of the carpet
  • Pile weight
    • Measured to ensure that not only the number of tufts are correct but also that the correct dTex of yarn has been used
  • Fiber identification
    • Can be identified by its melting point and so called glass transition temperature (type of polymer)
  • Infill materials
    • Defines the various types of infill available for incorporation into the gaps between the fibers of the synthetic turf (particle size/particle shape/bulk density)
  • Compressive modulus
    • Optional shock pad under turf (a shock pad is an impact-absorbing layer, which influences player comfort and ball response)


  • Abrasion Resistance
    • The surface is artificially abraded (five year period of wear) and tested on the following: shock absorbency, vertical deformation, ball rebound, traction, angled ball behavior
  • Joint Strength
    • Measures the maximum force recorded to destroy the joints where they are sewn or adhered with adhesive


  • UV/Water/Heat
    • Measures the color fastness, abrasion resistance and joint strength


  • Shock Absorbency
    • Is the ability of a surface to absorb the impact of a player running on the surface
  • Deformation
    • Is the stability of a surface measured by the amount that the surface gives in to impact
  • Slip Resistance
    • Measures the grip of a shoe sole on the surface
  • Traction
    • Measures another interaction between the shoe sole and the surface relating to the ability of the player to change direction
  • Skin Abrasion
    • Measures the abrasiveness of the surface on the skin of the player when sliding
  • Skin Friction
    • Measures the friction of the surface on the skin of the layer when sliding


  • Vertical Ball Rebound
    • Measures the resiliency of the surface against the ball
  • Ball Roll
    • Measures the pace of the ball over the surface in relation to the friction between the ball and the surface
  • Angled Ball Behavior
    • Measures the complex interaction between the ball and the surface (involving friction between the ball and the surface) on impact, horizontal velocity and vertical ball rebound



  • Slope Test
    • Measures the slope of the field
  • Evenness Test
    • Measures the degree of evenness of the field
  • Base Permeability
    • Measures the base permeability which allows water to freely drain through the turf


  • Shock Absorbency
  • Deformation
  • Traction
  • Slip Resistance


  • Vertical Ball Rebound
  • Ball Roll
  • Angled Ball Behavior

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