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Whether it’s the repetitive grind of practice or the last drive to win the game, athletes feel the more ways than one. It’s no secret that synthetic turf fields can be hot. That kind of heat affects athletes. With HydroChill cooling system, athletes can focus on the task, not the temperature.

So, how does HydroChill work?

It cools your field like nature cools your body.


Sweating is a natural means of thermoregulation called evaporative cooling. Evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface has a cooling effect. Similarly, HydroChill has been shown to cool synthetic turf surfaces by working on the same principle. As the turf surface is heated by solar radiation, moisture stored in HydroChill turf is released. Evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cooler more comfortable surface for the players.


Ambient temperature outside doesn’t necessarily dictate surface temperature. The solar radiation time period, sun’s angle, cloud coverage, wind and other elements all contribute to the temperature of the surface.

- HydroChill utilizes moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew or irrigation can help keep the field cool for days, depending on local conditions.

- HydroChill can be incorporated into most Shaw Sports Turf infilled systems.

- HydroChill will not affect the performance characteristics of synthetic turf and will not affect the warranty of any Shaw Sports Turf field.

- HydroChill is UV-resistant.

HydroChill provides maximum benefit during the hottest part of the day. During the summer months in the U.S., the sun is positioned overhead causing surfaces to absorb more energy resulting in hotter temperatures. The rotation of the Earth is also responsible for hourly variations in sunlight thus making HydroChill most effective during the hotter part of a clear day when most needed.

HydroChill patented technology - developed through years of turf system research.

It has been vetted with laboratory testing and, more importantly, outdoor field installations.

Bottom line – the HydroChill system works in actual outdoor settings by providing a cooler playing surface. 

A standard field with a wet surface will cause some cooling, but temperatures can quickly rise and may exceed uncomfortable levels of heat. A HydroChill field has been shown to create a substantial temperature differential in real-world applications. Based on actual lab and outdoor field thermocouple testing, HydroChill has achieved 50 degrees lower surface temperatures compared to a standard synthetic turf system.

Further testing was performed by a FLIR-Certified Thermographer using the most advanced camera imagery and technology. The FLIR camera was calibrated for emmisivities of various materials used in the turf system so additional accurate temperature measurements could be obtained.

Shaw Sports Turf has installed over 2,500 fields, including game and practice fields for the Baltimore Ravens, Arkansas Razorbacks, Vanderbilt Commodores, and Furman Paladins.

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