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BY Todd Britton



Shaw Sports Turf’s Jim Watts and Mt. Paran Christian School’s Mitch Jordan

KENNESAW, Georgia - Of the seven Georgia high school football teams which won GHSA state championships in the Georgia Dome this past weekend, none was more dominant than the Mt. Paran Eagles.

The Eagles (14-0), manhandled a very good Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy team 49-7.  Mount Paran scored on their second play from scrimmage.  Eagle’s Landing got off to a rocky start, fumbling their first play from scrimmage, and it never got any better.  Mt. Paran held a 28-0 lead in the first quarter and was up 42-7 at the half.

Mt. Paran played, as it had throughout the season, inspired football.  Only one team came within 14 points of the high-powered Eagle’s offense all year.

What’s even more amazing is that the Eagles laid claim to the state title in only their seventh year of varsity competition.

Mt. Paran, under the leadership of former Georgia Tech linebacker Mitch Jordan, installed the very first Shaw Sports Turf Bolt field in 2013, with the blue-and-white checkerboard endzones becoming a visual

“It’s been a two-year process,” said Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Mitch Jordan, after the field was installed last year.  “Other schools have installed synthetic turf and it piqued our interest.  With the generous donation from two Mount Paran Christian families, this provides a major piece in the development of our athletic facilities and we couldn’t be happier with our Shaw Sports Turf field.”

Jordan said that availability was one of the major reasons the school chose to move to synthetic turf.  With football, soccer, lacrosse, and other activities, the grass field was being used year-round by 10 teams, making maintenance difficult and leaving the natural surface little time to recover from wear and tear.

It also provides the teams there with the ability to be more effective in practice.

“From a football perspective, we can practice every day on the field where we will play our games, which is different from a practice field,” said Jordan.  “It gives us an advantage because the landmarks (yard lines, hash marks) are consistent and it helps our receivers, secondary, and linebackers improve their performance.  It also means when we are in the goal line or red zone periods during practice, the field is properly marked and gives us the feel of being in a real game situation.”

Jordan also believes the field offers other advantages for the school.

“The Shaw Sports Turf field provides a new standard for athletics at MPCS,” said Jordan.  “The product is the most technologically advanced and exceeds what’s out there and it shows our commitment to athletics.  I believe this will have a big impact on our school, both on, and off, the field.”

Jordan cited several reasons for choosing the Shaw Sports Turf product.

“We looked at every company out there,” said Jordan.  “We believe Shaw Sports Turf offers a superior product, it is a local company, and they differentiated themselves with their technology and responsiveness to our needs.”

The technology behind the Mt. Paran field is the PowerBlade Bolt system.  Bolt is a stronger, more resilient monofilament fiber, featuring a lightning bolt shape which creates a stronger vertical axis that causes fibers to stand upright for less breakdown and increased durability.  Bolt is specifically built for performance and to reflect light for a lower luster and more natural looking field.

“We are extremely proud of Mt. Paran for what the football team accomplished this year” said Jim Watts, Territory Manager with Shaw Sports Turf.  “They have set a new standard for the program and we hope that many more state championship teams from Mt. Paran will make their mark on the Shaw Sports Turf field.”

Shaw Sports Turf has installed practice and stadium fields on more than 1,500 playing surfaces for all different types of sports and recreational activities, including many major collegiate programs such as Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, LSU and the University of Arkansas.  Additionally, Shaw Sports Turf installed the practice and game fields for the Baltimore Ravens.

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