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BY Todd Britton



CONCORD, North Carolina - Central Cabarrus High School is getting a new Shaw Sports Turf field that will provide performance benefits, as well as long-term economic benefits to the school.

The school, located in Concord, North Carolina, has approximately 1,200 students.  The school and its stadium opened in 1966, so the facilities have become dated.

“Our goal with the new field is to enhance the pride in our school,” said Central Cabarrus Athletic Director Kevin Bryant.  “With the Shaw Sports Turf surface we get the performance of a world-class field, but we also get the economic benefits of lower maintenance costs and the potential for additional revenue streams through tournaments and other events.”

Bryant said that the decision to switch to synthetic turf had been a two-year process.  Adding the Shaw Sports Turf system gives the Vikings the first synthetic surface in the county, which is the tenth largest in North Carolina.

Central Cabarrus will host practices and games for football, soccer, and band.  The facility will also host youth games and a potential lacrosse tournament.

“Our natural grass field couldn’t withstand the pressure of that amount of play,” said Bryant.  “With the new field we can do so much more.  In the past, our field has hosted about 20,000 people per year.  With the new Shaw Sports Turf field, our goal is to see a 400% increase, or 80,000 people during a calendar year.”

The makers of the turf surface are confident that the field can meet the demands of Central Cabarrus.

“A field which helps athletes perform at the highest level is the goal,” said Andrew Barksdale, Territory Manager with Shaw Sports Turf.  “The Momentum 41 system will provide that performance and allow them to accommodate more events, driving economic impact and school pride.”

Fast, dense and firm, Shaw’s Momentum system is designed for high performance with a proven slit film technology.  In addition to its durability and performance benefits, Momentum’s fiber construction results in an umbrella effect that helps hold infill and reduce overall fly out.  The fiber system forms individual blades, giving it the look of a monofilament system.  It has a low g-max, meaning it is safe, yet firm.  The high fiber density makes it a lush, long-lasting surface and Ultra-Loc backing technology gives the field dimensional stability and improved tuft-bind for hold the fibers in place.

The Baltimore Ravens practice and play on a Shaw Sports Turf Momentum system.  Shaw Sports Turf has installed practice and stadium fields on more than 1,500 playing surfaces for all different types of sports and recreational activities, including many major collegiate programs such as Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, LSU and the University of Arkansas.

Construction on the field is being handled by Medallion Athletics of Mooresville.

“The new field is going to be a focal point in the community,” said Todd Penley of Medallion.  “We believe Central Cabarrus will be proud of the result and we’re proud to be the company that’s helping to make that happen.”

The construction will be completed in time for fall sports.  According to Bryant, there is a possibility of hosting a football jamboree on August 11th.  The first soccer game on the new field will be on August 20th and the first football game for the Vikings will be on August 22nd.

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