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The Motz Group The Motz Group

The Motz Group has built performance for more than four decades now and has made its name by designing and constructing innovative, performance-based sports field systems nationally and internationally.

The business culture and customer support at Motz are built on the culmination of people and planning, processes and problem solving, innovations and responsiveness, and an intense desire by a passionate and dedicated team of employee-owners working relentlessly to bring all the elements of quality, consistency, innovation, and service perfectly together.

Founded in 1977 and serving the high[1]performance natural and synthetic turf markets, Motz is one of the world’s most recognized and highly respected turf system specialists. The Motz team of experts don’t just talk about performance - they build it. This employee[1]owned company celebrates 45+ years in the industry and proudly stands behind its products and services to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with its valued customer base.

Motz as an organization is built on the promise of delivering the best experience to its customers and aspires to continuously drive the industry forward and impact the customers and communities they proudly serve.

A partnership between The Motz Group and Shaw Sports Turf gives you expertise in selecting the artificial turf field of your choice and the peace-of-mind of knowing that it will be installed correctly and to the highest industry standard. 

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Indianapolis Colts - Lucas Oil Stadium

  • Location:
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Product: Momentum Pro
  • Sq. Feet: 100,000

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