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(COOPERSTOWN, New York) – Shaw Sports Turf partner and former Atlanta Braves pitcher, John Smoltz, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Smoltz, best known as part of a dominating pitching rotation which included fellow Hall-of-Famers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, had a career which lasted from 1988-2009.  During his time in the Major Leagues, he played primarily for the Braves, but also had stints with the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

Smoltz amassed a record of 213-155, with 154 saves and 3.085 strikeouts.  He was an eight-time All-Star and won the National League Cy Young award in 1996, with a record of 24=8.  In 1995, Smoltz won a World Series with the Braves.  His number, 29, is retired with the Braves.

During his induction on Sunday, mentioned four important points in his career.  Those four included his being drafted by the Detroit Tigers, his trade to the Atlanta Braves, a phone call he received from Tommy John, when at 34, Smoltz had had Tommy John surgery and need encouragement, and the phone call he received on January 6th of this year, telling him he’d been selected for the Hall of Fame.

Regarding his success, Smoltz said, “I’m not afraid to fail.”

He also thanked many of the people who helped him as a baseball player and as a person.  Smoltz also took time to encourage parents and young players to make the game fun and not focus so much on competition.  He cited the fact that too many young players burn out too early and suffer injuries that shouldn’t be suffered by kids.

As part of his focus on young athletes and the game of baseball, Smoltz worked closely with the R&D team at Shaw Sports Turf to develop the TruHop baseball system.

“Baseball is a purist’s game,” said Smoltz.  “That’s why it’s so important for synthetic turf fields to look and play like natural grass fields.  That’s why I worked with the R&D team at Shaw Sports Turf to develop the TruHop system.”

Smoltz likened the TruHop system to a five-tool player in baseball.  A five-tool player is one who can field, throw, run, hit for average, and hit for power.

In synthetic turf, a five-tool player is a field that has great aesthetics, is always available, provides performance and durability, allows reduced maintenance, and is safe.

The TruHop system can be custom-designed for each individual client in order to accommodate desired performance characteristics.

“We’re proud of our association with John Smoltz,” said Chuck McClurg, Vice President of Sales at Shaw Sports Turf.  “He is very deserving of his induction into the Hall of Fame.  He brings the same focus and work ethic he had as a pitcher to his work with us in developing the best synthetic turf system for baseball.”

By:  Todd Britton


Virginia Tech has completed installation of a new Shaw Sports Turf field at its indoor practice facility, which ranks as one of the largest such venues in the nation.

Below is a video that VT released featuring Shaw Sports Turf Territory Manager, Andrew Barksdale, as well as W.M. Jordan Company.

Shaw Sports Turf is proud to be a part of the Virginia Tech Family. Go Hokies!



Adarius Bowman with one of many great catches last night on the Shaw Sports Turf field.

(EDMONTON, Alberta) – The Edmonton Eskimos played their first home game on an all new Shaw Sports Turf field on Thursday night and handily beat the Ottawa Redblacks 46-17.

Matt Nichols threw three TD passes and Kendial Lawrence had two TDs in the lopsided victory.  Adarius Bowman, who grew up in the shadow of Shaw Industries, accounted for a 9-yard catch for a TD.  Bowman had five catches for 120 yards.  As a team, Edmonton completed 16 of 28 passes for 253 yards and three TDs.  The Eskimos rushed for 123 yards and two TDs. [Read more…]


Formerly known as North Hudson Park is now named after James J. Braddock.

The park is named after James J. Braddock, World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion from 1935 to 1937.

(NORTH BERGEN, New Jersey) – James J. Braddock Park in Hudson County has selected Shaw Sports Turf to manufacture and install their first synthetic turf field.

James J. Braddock Park has been around for over 90 years. The field has heavy use with many scheduled events which could no longer be supported by natural grass.

The Shaw Sports Turf synthetic field is very large in size, spanning around 230,000 square feet. This is the largest county investment dedicated to parks in decades, estimating about $6 million for the entire project. [Read more…]


The first ever Marching Virginians Center will have a Shaw Sports Turf field.

The first-ever Marching Virginians Center will have a Shaw Sports Turf field.


(BLACKSBURG, Virginia) – The Marching Virginians will soon have their very own Shaw Sports Turf field to practice on. The new field is part of the new Marching Virginians Center on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Established in 1974, The Marching Virginians are known to Hokies everywhere as The Spirit of Tech.  The band has formerly practiced on a shared natural grass field inside the track. For the first time in Virginia Tech history, the band will have its very own home.

The new field will feature synthetic turf that will sustain regardless of weather conditions and high traffic use. It will also give the band more bounce and resilience when marching.   [Read more…]


UC Davis Athletics selects Shaw Sports Turf.

UC Davis Athletics selects Shaw Sports Turf.

(DAVIS, California)UC Davis has selected Shaw Sports Turf to install a new synthetic turf field in Aggie Stadium.

When the time came to replace the previous synthetic turf field, Shaw Sports Turf inevitably won the vote. The hard work, dedication, timeliness, and respect from Shaw Sports Turf are all main factors contributing to this decision.

Synthetic turf was installed eight years ago in the stadium because natural grass couldn’t withstand the continuous traffic and play on the field. Now UC Davis will have a field with the longevity and durability to withstand all of the use. The new Shaw Sports Turf field will provide state-of-the-art aesthetics and performance.

Aggie Stadium hosts mainly football and lacrosse practices and games, as well as the performances by the marching band. The new field will offer better performance for any event held in the stadium.

Aggie football joined the Big Sky Conference in 2012. The Shaw Sports Turf field will allow the football program to be even more competitive in the Big Sky Conference. [Read more…]



Quincy University is proud of their Shaw Sports Turf fields.

Quincy University is proud of their Shaw Sports Turf fields.

(QUINCY, Illinois) – After the recent completion of the football field, Quincy University now has three different Shaw Sports Turf products installed on three different fields within two years.

In 2014, the university began its $4 million project to re-model the baseball and football stadiums, after the soccer stadium had already been successfully completed. Quincy University is now covered with Shaw Sports Turf fields.

Prior to the project, the university athletics practiced on natural grass fields and would play games on local high school synthetic turf fields on Saturdays. [Read more…]


(EMERSON, Georgia) – The first day of the Major League Baseball draft ended with 75 picks.  Among the first 11 picks in the first round were five standout players who have played in tournaments on Shaw Sports Turf at the Perfect Game fields at LakePoint Sporting Community. [Read more…]


Clemson Logo

(CLEMSON, South Carolina) – Clemson University is about to begin work on an all new Shaw Sports Turf field for the Campus Recreation department.

The University’s Outdoor Fitness & Wellness Center will be the site for the new field.  Construction is expected to begin the next couple of weeks and will be completed later this summer.

Clemson has over 6,000 students who participate in the school’s intramural programs and the school hosts 36 club teams. In the past, the school has had wait lists for students seeking to use facilities such as fields. The addition of the Shaw Sports Turf field will allow additional programming hours and will help reduce wait lists. [Read more…]


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(EDMONTON, Alberta) – GTR Turf and Shaw Sports Turf have completed installation of an all new synthetic turf field at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.

GTR Turf of Saint-Colomban, Quebec, was selected to complete the field installation at Commonwealth Stadium.  Shaw Sports Turf of Dalton, Georgia is the manufacturer of the product.

“This is a great honor for GTR Turf,” said Luc Rochon, President & CEO of GTR Turf.  “To have been selected to provide the field for such a prestigious stadium says a great deal about the quality of our work.”

GTR Turf was selected in a competitive bid process and by the recommendation of the architect, JSA Sport Architecture of British Colombia, and Canada Soccer.

Along with Commonwealth Stadium, GTR Turf have also installed surfaces at Rocky Stone Field in Moncton, New Brunswick; Winnipeg Soccer Complex in Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Henry Singer Sports Centre in Edmonton, Alberta as part of the overall project.  All surfaces will meet the FIFA Recommended 2 Star requirements for football (soccer) turf.

The group making the decision also spent time at GTR Turf’s installation at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam, British Columbia.  This field played a significant role in the decision to use GTR Turf and Shaw Sports Turf at Commonwealth Stadium.

Commonwealth Stadium, the focal point of the project, is the host stadium for the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.  This summer, the stadium will host 11 matches during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015, including Canada’s first two matches, the semi-final match on Canada Day, and the match for third place on July 4.

The Shaw Sports Turf system used for the installation is the PowerBlade Elite 2.5 system.  PowerBlade Elite is made with an advanced HP+ monofilament fiber and is the next generation in engineered performance. The system is designed around performance criteria that measures both athlete-surface and ball-surface interactions.

PowerBlade Elite delivers a quality turf system with the best combination of durability, playability and safety.  PowerBlade Elite is an engineered system specifically built to meet the stringent laboratory and field tests of FIFA.  The FIFA Quality Programme ensures that the Shaw Sports Turf field delivers the maximum level of performance and quality to athletes.

The field at Edmonton will also feature Shaw Sports Turf’s innovative HydroChill product.  When athletes sweat, evaporative cooling takes place when evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface has a cooling effect.  HydroChill works on the same principle.  As the turf surface is heated by solar radiation, moisture stored in the turf is released, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for athletes.

The technology is applied to a field where components react and form a coating on the infill.  The field is watered to activate HydroChill and then energy from sunlight drives out water, removing heat from the surface.  The cooling effect of HydroChill after watering can last two to three days.  Watering alone can result in some short-term cooling, but a flash-effect means temperatures can rise and quickly exceed uncomfortable levels of heat.  HydroChill creates a substantial and sustained temperature difference.

HydroChill provides maximum benefit when the sun is nearest the Earth.  During the summer months the sun is positioned overhead, causing surfaces to absorb more energy, resulting in hotter temperatures.  Temperature differences of 50 degrees have been seen on an outdoor field.  Studies have shown that temperature differences of over 30 degrees provide a noticeable increase in the comfort level of athletes.

The research behind HydroChill was extensive and was conducted for three years, both in laboratory tests and in real-world field applications currently in use by athletes.  Shaw Sports Turf’s testing facilities include an entire lab dedicated to the study of heat on turf.  It houses a custom-built solar simulator with a watering mechanism that simulates rainfall so testing can be conducted on a year-round basis.  Tests on a variety of outdoor surfaces were conducted with thermocouples, an Infrared thermometer and by a certified thermographer with a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera.

“This field is used for elite teams and events,” said Chuck McClurg, Vice President of Shaw Sports Turf.  “We believe the quality of the field must meet the level of play and that makes our PowerBlade Elite system the perfect match.”

Shaw Sports Turf has also donated a mini-pitch, which will be used outside the stadium for special events.  In July, the pitch will be donated to the City of Edmonton.

By:  Todd Britton